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Overview– FashionBlitzs places design with regards to culture and the world we live—by the way we dress, live and mingle; what we eat, tune in to and watch; who leads and moves us.

About us–Fashion Blitzs is a quarterly way of life magazine taking into account gatherings of people in UK, USA and Bangladesh with its customized substance in style, meetings of progress creators and pioneers over the world, home and stylistic layout, travel, nourishment and formulas and devices. –  Fashion Blitzs started its journey on 10th January, 2019. It is the best case of east meets west, in its style, configuration and substance choice. Fashion Blitzs drenches itself in design, always leading readers to what will happen next. Intriguing, applicable and constantly powerful, Fashion Blitzs characterizes the way of life of style.

  • Founding Date – 2019

Mission -The fashion, design, magnificence and superstar buzz you have to know.

Products – Fashion Blitzs editors may once in a while ask for general entries of client produced substance for Fashion Blitzs article highlights by means of Fashion Blitzs.com or Fashion Blitzs legitimate Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr pages. In any case, Fashion Blitzs agents will never contact site clients specifically for such highlights, nor will they contact clients to ask for individual data identified with working for Fashion Blitzs. Fashion Blitzs does not enroll models through Fashion Blitzs.com, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, email, or anyplace else on the web. Moreover, Fashion Blitzs may alter or expel any materials posted by fans or outsiders. You should have the rights to post any submitted materials, and by doing as such you approve its utilization by us and outsiders Fashion Blitzs approves for any reason in any media.