Gentle Park is one of the popular fashion houses in Bangladesh. Their outfits are popular among urban youngsters. Considering the upcoming Eid festival, they are coming up with new stocks of men, women, and kids’ essential accessories of clothing. 


Simple but gorgeous- such outfits are preferred by many. And considering the hot weather, many people are thinking of buying a simple shirt or frock for young boys and girls. If that’s what you’re thinking, feel free to check out Gentle Park’s Eid Collection. 


And like all the fashion houses, Gentle Park has also come up with their unique Eid collection. They have kept all the great collections of good designs and suitable clothes for this Eid. 


The collection of elegant look shirts inside the simple work in boys’ clothing is really eye-catching. Interestingly, these shirts are being sold at a discounted price. So those who are looking for decent and simple design shirts can check out Gentle Park’s collections now. 


There are also variant collections of frocks for young girls. These frocks are being sold at discount prices for girls of all ages.


Meanwhile, on the occasion of Ramadan and due to the prohibition of coronavirus, their outlet is open from 10 am to 4 pm. If you can’t come to the outlet, you can also buy their clothes online. To buy online, you need to confirm the order on Gentle Park’s Facebook page.


You just need to place an order on Facebook messenger! Just Drop Product pictures & make your payment!

bKash Number: 01788999000 (Merchant)

Rocket Number: 017889990004 (Merchant).

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