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Accessories, Beauty, Fashion

New decades Jewelry Trend

What does jewelry resemble in the new decade? In the previous, not many years, we saw adornments downsize: Massive explanation accessories were supplanted by layered chains and charms, and we…

Celebrity, Entertainment, Latest Movie news

Margot Robbie in new “Pirates of the Caribbean” venture!

At the age of 29, this Australian actor and film producer has established herself as one of The Highest Paid Actors in Hollywood. The five BAFTA Award winners, two Oscar-winning…

Celebrity, Entertainment, Latest Movie news

AR Rahman will give music and co-produce Farooki’s ‘No Lands Man’

‘No Lands Man ‘- a new film directed by Mostofa Sarwar Farooki, for which the name of Nawazuddin Siddiqui of Bollywood has come before. This time the music director AR…

Beauty, Best Makeup Items, Fashion, Lifestyle

Élan BY UTSHOB- A leading destination for your branded beauty, fashion and lifestyle products

Changing and progressing the current lifestyles of the individuals is majorly affecting the cosmetics market throughout the world. The scenario is the same here in Bangladesh too. Consumers have now…

Clothing, Fashion, Lifestyle, Trending

Street fashions around the world

Whether it is Paris or Milan, London or New York, this is the time when street fashion flourished around the world. Athleisure or exercise wear, animal prints, boiler suits, puff…

Celebrity, Entertainment, Lifestyle

‘Captain Marvel’ saved her from depression

In just 30 years, the number of stars is few in Hollywood who have been touched by the golden Oscar. The famous Hollywood star Brie Larson is one of them….


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