Bangladesh is a land of mesmerizing beauty and breathtaking Landscapes. There are countless tourist spots that attract visitors from every corner of the world all year round. They are indeed impressive. However, when they are enveloped with a shroud of winter, their panoramic view becomes even more striking in the eyes of the visitor and locals alike. Therefore, as the months of winter are approaching, let’s look at some of the best places in Bangladesh to go for a full-on relaxation trip.

places in Bangladesh Cox's Bazaar
Photo by Shawnn Tan on Unsplash

Cox’s Bazaar: Where should we start with this marvelous sea beach which is the crown jewel of our countries attraction. Aside from being one of the largest beaches in the world, Cox’s Bazaar is also a major tourist attraction spot. Have you ever tried to make reservations in any of the hotels or resorts near the beaches here in winter? Chances are all rooms were prebooked in advance.

places in Bangladesh St. Martin
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ST. Martin: Situated 120km away from the shores of Cox’s Bazaar, this little island of is sometimes the main destination point for many visiting the Beach city of Bangladesh. You can enjoy the mesh of blue sky with the water as far as the ways could see while sitting on the shore of St. Martin. The colors of culture and heritage of the island and its inhabitants will draw you in within the first hour of stepping on their land.

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Kuakata: There are moments in our lives when we just want to turn off our minds and enjoy the sunrise or sunset. In Bangladesh, this is the ideal spot for that experience. Just stare into the sunset, away from the noises of the city, and become one with nature. What more can we ask for?

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Sajak Valley: If you wish to witness the playful nature of the climate in Bangladesh, then visit this enchanting scene 1800ft above sea level. This majestic tourist spot located in Rangamati can give you the feel of 3 different weather on the same day. One moment it’s sunny and the next moment you’re surrounded by clouds everywhere, and suddenly it starts to rain.

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Sreemangal: Among the places you can visit during winter in Bangladesh, this has to be in the top 5 no matter what. Known Popularly for being the tea capital of the country, the scene of this spot becomes magnificent during the winter and rainy season. Tracking up the hill where tea leaves grow can give you a greater appreciation for the craft and effort it takes to cultivate them.

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Jaflong: Just as our next and last entry, Jaflong is located between Bangladesh and India. This spot is a major tourist attraction as it showcases its variety of looks and feelings in different seasons. The clear waters over the rocky floor beds, the hills surrounding you from all directions, and the beautiful blanket of greenery that envelopes it. All of it together is just, wow.

places in Bangladesh Bichanakandi
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Bichanakandi: Located at the edge of Sylhet near India, the most attractive characteristic of it is the waterfall over the stone beds that create a white mist over the slopes. The water streaming from it is so clear that you can even see the bottom of the stone floor through 6ft of water. For the best experience, take the water route. The journey may take longer, but the visuals are completely worth it.

Bangladesh has an abundance of places that are just waiting to amaze and stunt visitors during the winter. Although the list of bewitching places in this land of greens is not just limited to the locations mentioned above. However, they still are among the “must-see” places.