A few days later, the whole country will observe Ekushey February- International Mother Language Day. The entire nation will rush to the Shaheed Minar to pay tribute to the martyrs of the language. This atmosphere of mourning will also be shown in our clothes and dress up. So, considering the mood of the season, the fashion houses of the capital have brought white, black and red colors dresses to their design. Online shops are also on this list of providing you the dresses.


Considering the Amar Ekushey February, the online shop Rezz.com.bd has brought a variety of designs for women, men, and children. On the one hand, there is love for the Bangla language. And the other hand, designs are there in giving importance to pay tribute to the martyrs. They preferred sarees for girls. There are Punjabi assemblies for men. Along with Punjabi for children, there is also fatwa.


Fashion House Aarong brings several Punjabi designs in black, keeping in mind the language day. Besides, the country’s big favorite brands have decorated their showrooms with colorful t-shirts, Punjabi, Fatuas with a touch of modernity on the occasion of the International Mother Language Day.


Besides, we use the alphabet as a motif in decorating various garments. Language movements, liberation war, and other pride issues raise in the format of color and vocabulary. The Bengali heritage also emerges in Language Day’s clothing. One of the features of clothing is the use of elegant colors. In the case of garment cloth, the whole cotton cloth gives priority by a few fashion houses.