Right after waking up what do we do? We check our messages, we scroll through Instagram. Then we go to work and in between, we check what Twitter war is going on today. We go out for lunch and snap what food we ordered. Without social media presence do we even live? As social media has become an integral part of our lives we are slowly facing the harmful effects on our mental health as well. Not everything we see on social media is real or a reflection of reality. Therefore, to restore our sanity it’s crucial to make it more peaceful. And the following ways can help.

Unfollow the negativity: 

Unfollowing is the first step toward social media cleansing. We don’t put much thought into following people as much as we do when we want to unfollow something or someone. But we should unfollow without thinking twice. If a particular account is causing us anxiety or not adding any value to us why should we follow?

Don’t be afraid to take breaks:

Through social media, we get news in a matter of seconds. We are not only updated with everything that’s been going around in the world but also bombarded with information. Often times this frenzy of information might mess up our mental stability. Therefore, if you feel like there’s too much going on just take some time off from it. And practice this habit of taking small breaks. 

Refrain yourself from making comparisons:

This is one of the worsts things we can do on social media. Make comparisons by looking at other accounts. We all follow those accounts with the perfect holiday pictures. Looks that are always runway ready etc. However, we need to realize that this isn’t always the case. People tend to post only the highs of their lives. So, what you see on social media is only one aspect of it. 

Follow pages that are good for your mental health:

Making your social media more peaceful is in your hands. You can’t control everything but what you can control is who to follow. Therefore, following pages or accounts that uplift your mood is important. It will help take the edge off a long hard day.