I think all of us had post-vacation blues at some point in our lives. There are times when you feel like taking a vacation from a vacation. We start missing those carefree walks and the comfort of hotel rooms. So here are some ways you can adjust to your work right after coming back from a long vacation. 

Plan your vacation in a way that leaves you an extra day to rest

When you take a long break from work it gets harder to get right into work mode the day after. Giving yourself an extra day to reenergize is exactly what you need. So before planning make sure you have at least one day to yourself. 

Ease your way into work

Sometimes when you have a hectic schedule you don’t have time to take a day off. So you’ll probably have to join work on the next day. Before going to work in the morning you can take some time to reflect on where you left off and what needs to be done. 

Make a do-to list

Before jumping into work right away make a list of things you need to finish first. Start with the unfinished projects before starting new ones from scratch. This will make your transition a little easier and get you right on track. 

Tell your manager to catch you up with work beforehand

If you are struggling to remember all the things you were supposed to do you can always ask your manager. You can have your manager mail you all the necessary things that need to be done by you so it’s easier for you to catch up on them. 

Check your work calendar

Make sure you are updated on the work schedule you have. Like be aware of all the meetings and engagements, you have beforehand. So don’t forget to check your work calendar.