COVID-19 or Coronavirus does not only infect the human respiratory system. Rather, the virus attacks every blood vessel in the human body (interfering with blood flow in the veins). As a result, all the organs of the body become virtually inert.

Microscope virus close up. 3d rendering. By creativeneko

The South China Morning recently post this report. A group of scientists from Switzerland has made such a claim in a research paper published in the world-renowned journal The Lancet. One of their researchers of the University of Zurich, and chairman of the Heart Center and Cardiology Department, Frank Ruschitzka, said coronavirus causes more damage to people’s bodies than pneumonia.


The novel coronavirus can enter different levels of cells (endothelium), Ruschitzka added. These layers are the main defense components of the blood vessels. The virus disrupts this immune system. As a result, blood vessels (microcirculation) stopped in small veins. The various organs then interrupted by insufficient blood supply. As a result, the heart, kidneys and other organs cripple.


Because of this, smokers and those already suffering from complex diseases are at higher risk of death from coronavirus. Patients with diabetes, high blood pressure and hypertension are at the same risk.


The study, released on Friday, also found a way to prevent the virus. Researchers believe that therapy is needed to stabilize the endothelium after the virus attacks. However, it is impossible without vaccination. In addition, they advised doctors to increase the blood vessel capacity of patients with complex diseases and keep it normal.


However, Professor John Nichols, of the Department of Pathology at Hong Kong University, says that more research is needed on the subject.

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