Everything has come to a standstill due to the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic. Due to such a situation, the helpless, destitute, and day laborers are suffering the most. To help them, independent filmmakers have launched an initiative called ‘Film for Humanity’. As part of this, funds will be raised through online film screenings.

Source: ‘Film For Humanity’ Facebook page

Not only Bangladeshi filmmakers but also few foreign filmmakers have also joined the initiative. The non-profit voluntary organization ‘Bidyanondo’ will support as a partner in such initiatives.


There will be short films by Bangladeshi and other countries makers at the festival. And, these films will be exhibited on the international platform called Vimeo. There the on-demand-rental system allows viewers to watch movies from anywhere in the world. The exhibition will start on May 1 and will continue till June 30.


The entire proceeds from the festival will be donated to the Bidyanondo Foundation. Through them, food and medical supplies will reach the helpless people throughout the country.


The full account of the money received from Vimeo to each maker and where or in what process the money is being given to the helpless people will be published in the event group. The official documents of that information will be sent by email to the makers.


Meanwhile, about 25 films from home and abroad have been submitted for the exhibition, including the country’s famous short filmmakers and new filmmakers. More are expected soon. The film collection will continue until May 10.

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