From the Big Four Fashion Capitals of the world Milan, London, Paris, and New York City to Seoul, South Korea, Fashion weeks are a huge event in the fashion industry. During these approximately week-long festivities, fashion houses, brands, and renowned and notable designers display their newest collection of couture and accessories to the media and potential buyers. And the 2022 S/S Seoul Fashion Week has commenced from 7th October 2021(Thursday).

Greedilous by P.Y.H

This grand event showcasing the fusion between the 600 year-long cultural heritage with the modern k-fashion will be broadcasted online through several mediums. The fashion shows are scheduled to be available to the local as well as international audiences through Naver TV, Vlive, TikTok, Youtube channel, and even their official website.

The Seoul Fashion Week this time has come up with an innovative idea of reaching as many audiences as possible with these digital fashion shows. There will be a total of 37 pre-recorded and produced video clips of the runway shows where designers at the top of the Korean fashion world will exhibit their latest creations. This is the event that will definitely influence future fashion trends and open a gateway to a new vogue era.

Through the cooperation of the Cultural Heritage Administration, it will be the first time ever that 5 very important palaces of Seoul will be the stage and runway for the exquisite outfits of the fashion week. Designs that are inspired by the standards of ‘nature’, ‘environment’, and ‘coexistence’ are ready to turn heads on the runway.

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Starting from October 7 at Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul’s main royal palace, where the 1st of the 37 runway shows will take place. There will also be performances by popular musicians based on World Heritage sites. And the opening performance was pre-recorded and done by Korean hip-hop musician DPR LIVE with the beautiful night sky of Gyeonghuigung Palace as the backdrop.

EXO Kai as Global Ambassador of SFW

What’s even more commendable is that to peak the interest of millions of k-pop lovers and fashion brands for this event, EXO Kai was announced to be the Global Brand Ambassador of 2022 S/S Seoul Fashion Week. They really did not hesitate to pull out all the stops.