Singer Arnab is coming forward with his songs that will help Corona victims. His solo concert is going to organized and it’s called ‘Songs for Hope’.

Source: Youtube

Sources say that the concert will be shown live online on July 25. It was organized by kalyani and isocial. This organization says that the whole country is suffering from Coronavirus. This is their event to stand by the people who are upset. The poor people who are given the money from here.


In Corona many have lost their jobs. This program may bring some joy to the minds of those people. Also, money from this event will be paid to the victims. Organizers said the money will be handed over to some families.


Meanwhile, Arnab said, “The concert is not only for enjoyment but for the work of the people.’’ ‘You must register online to view this. We want people to watch the concert and stand by us.’

The address to register online is The event will be held at 9:00 PM Bangladesh Time, 8:30 PM India Time, 4pm England time and 11am USA time.


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