Since last year hot pink has been favorite among designers. It appeared in most of the famous runways. This year you’ll see it being embraced wholeheartedly. The shocking hot pink that’s quite opposed to spring became the color of the season. Autumn fashion has always been about more neutral tones or pastel floral prints. Compared to that hot pink is a bold choice for this season. And here’s how its been

Hot Pink in the runways-

Whenever a new trend comes along one of the first places to notice is in the new collections by designers. And from last year hot pink has been very popular among designers. Soon it became a proper fashion statement for 2022. Here are a few runway looks in hot pink.

Celebrities in Hot Pink-

Whenever there’s a new trend, celebrities are usually the first ones to embrace it. And this particular color they embraced perfectly. Bodycons, shirts, suits, ball gowns you just name it. They have done it all. Here are some of our favorites for your inspiration.

Hot pink in award ceremonies-

Hot pink was a favorite among celebrities even in major events. The red carpet of these ceremonies had some eye-catching hot pink looks. Here are a few we absolutely loved!

How can you style in hot pink-

Now that you got all your inspirations from designers and celebrities. Here are some ways you can adapt that into your autumn closet. 

  • You can get yourself a hot pink shirt and contrast it with your favorite pair of denim or any other bottoms
  • You can also opt for crop tops or regular hot pink tops and any neutral pants will look good with that
  • You can also add hot pink accessories or shoes to your outfits as well
  • Hot pink dresses can even be a great party wear if you are attending one
  • Mix and match according to your preference