If you are someone who is new to makeup, you’re probably wondering whether you need to buy that 20-piece brush set that’s getting all the hype. Where each brush is specifically designed to perform a special task. But if you have a chat with any pro-MUA, they’ll tell you that it’s not necessary. If you just learn the “how-to”, then you can get a flawless face with just these 5 makeup brushes.

A Flat-Topped Foundation Brush: When you use a flat-topped foundation brush to apply your makeup, it leaves no streaks behind. you can also get this flawless application with other products as well. Creme blush, stick contour, powder foundation, concealer, you can give everything a flawless finish just by buffing it in.

Dense highlighter Brush: Highlight brushes come in various densities. So, if you have one with dense bristles, then you’re in luck. You can double team it as a highlighter brush as well as a contouring brush to sculpt your jawline or even cheekbone.

Eye-shadow Blending Brush: These brushes are perfect to get into those small corners and creases of the face. This makes them not only great brushes for blending eye-shadow, but also highlighters, Sculpting the nose and cheekbones, and even around your lips.

makeup brushes lip

Tapered Blush Brush: Blush brushes are designed for perfect blending action and product distribution. Since they’re slightly tapered or rounded at the top, they are great for bronzers, highlighters, and contours as well. But you have to make sure you don’t have any residue from other products left on it.

makeup brushes lip

Lip Brush: Since these brushes are thin and designed for precise applications, they can be used to draw artistic designs on or around the eyes. So, they can be a great tool for putting on eyeliners or buffing the kajal as well.

As you can see that only adding these 5 makeup brushes to your vanity can help amp up your party look by 100 times. So, you don’t need the unnecessary expenditure that high-end makeup brands call “investment”.