If you want to describe the casual street style of 2022 you can say it’s a beautiful blend between vintage and modern. Modern outfits matched with individual boho items. From retro cuts to floral dresses to jute bags, all of these are in high demand now.  

Matching prints

Matching sets are in high demand now. If you have noticed anything about fashion lately you will notice this trend going viral. You can tuck in the shirt with the same printed pants. or you can mix it match with basic tees to go with it.

Floral Shrugs

You can wear your regular denim jeans and a basic tee but give your individual spin to it by adding a shrug. Shrugs have been very popular lately, you can find them everywhere. Adding it to your casual outfits can really tie your entire look together. 

Flared Jeans 

Nothing says boho like flared or boot-cut jeans. Any top can become chic once you add a pair of jeans with a slight flare. You can wear flowy tops and wear it with high waisted flared pants.


If you want to come out of your comfort zone and go full boho get crochet dresses and tops. These are items you can find in a vintage store. You can wear your crochet tops with denims or simply go for crochet dresses. Both are equally stylish for this weekend.

Jute Bags:

Even if you don’t shout out boho with your outfits, you can still get that boho touch with accessories. Trendy jute bags are really in style now and they pretty much go with everything. You can easily style it with your jeans and tees or short and long dresses. So, this can be a must-have in your closet. 

Funky jewelry

Lastly, the one thing you might need is jewelry to go with your outfits. Jewelry that’s made out of feathers or has different colored tassels go really well with boho chic style. 

When it comes to boho styling there are no hard and fast rules. It’s all about expressing your individualism through your outfits. So, feel free to mix and match and style according to your taste.