Mirrors have come a long way from the banality of only being used to see one’s appearance. Now they serve the purpose of being a unique and important decorative piece. If you are someone who’s moving into their first home and are confused about how to accessorize it, then you can’t go wrong with adding a distinctive mirror. Or if your place feels too cramped up then adding a mirror at the right spot can give off the illusion of space. Whatever reason you have for using a mirror, there’s no denying that they add extra elegance to the interiors. So, here are some ways to utilize mirrors around the house to inspire you.

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Prop It Up: Space is a word that will always be affiliated with mirrors. Placing an oversized mirror inclined on one of the walls in the room can give off the illusion of space. However, don’t place it too close to the light source or it will be overwhelming at times. you can move it around if you like to give the room a refreshed feeling.

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Closet Expansion: If your room is too small then having a closet with mirrors for doors will work for you in many ways. First, it will make the room look more spacious. Second, it will effectively distribute light in different corners of the room giving it a brighter look. And lastly, You can check your looks in the mirror as you pick and choose your outfits.

mirrors to broaden hallways
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Broaden Your Hallways: Empty and narrow hallways can look pretty depressing. Some people add pictures of family or art there to add some color. But that only makes it look more congested. Placing a big mirror or a few small mirrors can really broaden up the space to look bigger and brighter.

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Accessorise Empty Wall: If you have an empty wall in a room that bugs then why not decorate it with a few small looking-glasses. It doesn’t matter if they are round, square, or rectangular. Just plan and measure their distances thoroughly before hanging them up. This can add extravagance even to the most boring-looking wall in your home.

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Add Mantle Mirror: If there’s a small table or storage cupboard aligned with a wall, add a mantle mirror above it. The empty spaces over the table are often filled with showpieces and trinkets. However, that does not seem as elegant as a mirror would.

With a little more experimentation, you too can find endless possibilities of decorating your home with mirrors. You don’t just have to take this article as a complete guideline. This was just to introduce you to different prospects they bring to the table. However, We hope this article inspired you to give them a try. For more home decor-related article, click here.