Gone are the days when we thought all we needed to have a healthy and nourished head full of hair was good shampoo and organic hair oil. This idea might have been instilled in our minds by our mothers and other female relatives. However, that is a thing of the past. Nowadays our hair and body are constantly being introduced to different pollutants that leave them looking dry and lifeless. So, now it’s high time you get familiar with the following haircare products as well for lustrous and fine-looking hair.

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Hair Mask: The case of hair and our skin are the same. The way our skin needs that extra boost of glow and nourishment from a weekly mask so does our hair. You can do it every weekend or every other weekend depending on the condition of your hair. Also, whether you should use it before or after a shower depends on its ingredients. But nonetheless, you should make room for it in between your hectic schedule.

Homemade scrub with sugar, olive oil, honey, and ground coffee.

Scalp Exfoliation: Although it’s just been introduced recently, you won’t be able to deny its importance after reading this. It’s obvious that the life of our hair is rooted in our scalp. So, it’s crucial that we make sure to maintain its cleanliness and health. Making sure there is no debris or any unclogged pore is paramount for a strong set of hair. And Exfoliation does not only help with that but is also very relaxing for your mind.

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Dry Shampoo: We are all aware of the damage daily shampooing can do to our hair. But for the people who have an oily scalp, the second or third day will have them looking like Salman Khan in “Tere Naam”. To avoid this situation and give your hair a voluminous look, opt for dry shampoos.

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Multipurpose Hair Elixir: This is typically the last step of the haircare routine. Applying a hair elixir on damp hair help to lock in moisture and keeps your hair shiny and protected for a long time. Investing in a lightweight and shine-inducing elixir can give you nourished and frizzless hair for months on end.

Your hair deserves the best products that can provide it with the benefits of shine, sleekness, smoothness, and softness. And all of this can’t be achieved only through using shampoo. And our hair has rightfully earned the spot to be pampered, wouldn’t you agree? For more haircare-related articles, click here.