Just a few more months till winter is here and we all know what that means. It’s wedding season! In a hot and humid climate like ours, people tend to wait till it’s a bit colder to have their wedding ceremonies. This is about the time when the bride and groom and their families roam around the city in a quest for the perfect wedding outfits. In light of that Bangladesh Wedding Couture Week 2022 held their first ever show.

Bangladesh Wedding Couture Week (BWCW) was presented by TRESemmé and driven by Mercedes-Benz. It was a week of glamour that featured some of the top bridal designers in the country. Sarah Karim Couture, Sahar Rahman Couture and Zurhem were the super stars of the event. The jewelry partner of show was Jarwa House. The first day showcased Holud day outfits and jewelry of brides, grooms and bridesmaids.

Sarah Karim Couture is known for taking our traditional styles and giving them a modern twist. In her first day of the show you could see a reflection of that. Zurhem is known for redefying men’s wedding wear, their entire collection was a celebration of colors and patterns. Sahar Rahman is another big name in the wedding sartorial market. She showcased her beautifully intricate wedding collections couture.

In the past couple of years there has been a shift in style and color palettes for “Holud” day looks and that was prominent in the show. The introduction of pastel shades with a pop of color was commendable on the designers’ part.

The three top designers brought us the most sophisticated looks that weren’t only restricted to the brides but brought grooms wear and bridesmaid attires center stage. It was an important night for fashion enthusiasts of the country as the show featured our very own designers and the fact they too can produce high-quality bridal wear in this country.

Even though the wedding industry in the country is growing when it comes to picking the bride and grooms outfits we tend to ignore locally manufactured designs and resort to International brands. That’s a huge barrier for our local designers to excel in this highly competitive bridal wear market. This was one of the first steps toward the right decision.