T-shirts are at the top of the list of young people’s choices. These are comfortable and stylish at the same time. Even though it is suitable for any weather, the value of the T-shirt in summer or hot weather is something different. For this, Bishwa Rang has organized a T-shirt festival to give some relief in the sweltering heat of this autumn.

Bishwa Rang

Entitled ‘Bishwa Rang T-Shirt Festival’, the festival started on September 11 and will run simultaneously in all Bishwarang showrooms till stock is available. The festival gives you a 50% discount on all types of T-shirts and polo shirts. However, only Bishwa Rang franchise showrooms will have a 30 percent discount. The T-shirts at this festival are available in various colors and designs.

Many off-tone colors including off-white, white, gray as well as bright colors like red, white, yellow, orange, blue, purple, magenta, etc. have been used as signature colors of Bishwa Rang. On the chest, hands, and back of the T-shirt, various local and foreign motifs have been used in the screen print. The texture has been decorated in various ways including graffiti and tie-dye. All these world-class products can also be purchased online. In addition, orders can be confirmed via SMS on Facebook Messenger. Home delivery service can also be used to get T-shirts at home.



Store locator -http: //www.bishworang.com/locator.html
Website link – http://www.bishworang.com/
For any information about ‘Bishwa Rang’ contact – 01819257768 (hotline number), 01730068029


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