Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivers a special message to the citizens of Canada.  In his speech, Justin seeks help from everyone to overcome the coronavirus issue.  Here’s what Justin speaks in his speech:


Dear Canadians. I know everyone is having a hard time. I hope we can overcome this danger, but I need your help.

For you, today I am the Prime Minister of Canada. So, it is my main duty of providing services and security to the people. I could have kept myself locked up in the house if I wanted. But I am coming here to find out about the situation of my people. Because you are my oxygen. I’m fine if you’re healthy. I have nothing important than that of my citizens.

Request you to stay in your home for 1 month. Only medicine + essential food + beverage shops will be open. Nevertheless, we are delivering all kinds of water medicine masks for every month at every citizen’s residence. Moreover, when you contact the number you provide, everything will deliver to your home. So, please don’t go outside your house.

No one of us starves to death. So, don’t get panic and afraid. You stay at your home and be aware of your dear ones. Now we are locking down our country. If the situation is right then we will open it again. Trust me.

Stop going to your workplace of those of you who are working in office, courts or other establishments. All the educational institutions, offices and factories announced the closure.

Don’t be afraid. Your monthly salary will reach your accounts. The government will also bear the house rent. It is my job to keep you well. Those who follow the rules of the government will get reward with one-time extra money.


Corona is the name of fear in the whole world today. You all need help. Don’t let any of you get out of the house. Stay in the house and stay alert. Hopefully, we will overcome this crisis soon. Please help me to do this. Thanks.


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