The Coronavirus had completely stopped Italy. 35,000 people in the country died due to the corona. But now they are back. There is still a slight tightening of tourist access from countries outside Europe. Yet Italy is back in rhythm, with the great appearance of the 77th Venice Film Festival.


The Venice Film festival, which began on September 2, has caught the attention of the world this year. Many were curious about how the new normal situation was designed to be a world-class festival.


Since there are still restrictions on travel to Italy, the Venice Film Festival was almost star-studded. British actress Tilda Swinton was also part of the festival. She has accepted the lifetime achievement of this festival as the Golden Lion. But the actress covered her face with a mask as she followed the new normal routine until the stage light went out. Not just Tilda, but everyone who attended the festival forgot to wear makeup or jewelry this year, but not a mask. Because it was the first and main condition of attending the festival. 


There are Sanitary Booths in every place of the festival. The organizers were always on the ground to measure the temperature of the participants. The authorities have scanned the specific contact numbers and monitored the movement of the festival visitors. The volunteers came rushing when someone’s mask came down under the nose.


But the priorities of films or film lovers did not diminish even with all the rules. The film show was enjoyed by everyone in the cinema hall wearing masks. Venice Film Festival will run till September 12. Daniela Lucetti Lachi, Pedro Almodova’s short film The Human Voice, Chloe Zhou’s Nomadland and Regina King’s One Night in Miami, and many more films will be screened in the festival.