Indoor plants have a lot of advantages. And those benefits become even more important if you reside in a city. Every plant offers a variety of advantages that support healthy living, from air purification to moisture control. Having some indoor plants is also the sole method to decorate your home with nature in addition to all these benefits. This raises the issue of choosing a houseplant for your apartment. So, let’s look at some of the top indoor plants that are available in Bangladesh.

Aloe Vera

An easy-to-care-for, eye-catching succulent that grows well indoors is the Aloe Vera plant. Originally from southern Africa, Aloe Vera is now a typical house and office plant because of its benefits. Aloes complement Southwestern-styled interiors well. Aloe Vera is beneficial to have in bedrooms since it absorbs carbon dioxide during the day and releases oxygen at night. Additionally, Aloe Vera gel is a natural remedy that helps soothe skin irritation, sunburns, and acne.


They are perfect for people who are constantly on the go and lack the time to provide a plant regular maintenance. No other plant is as simple to maintain as the cactus. They are renowned for their propensity to thrive with little to no care, which for many people makes them one of the greatest indoor plants. Only once a week of watering is required for this spiky plant, and it doesn’t need direct sunlight to thrive. As for its benefits, Cactus plants are quite effective at controlling the humidity of your home. For nutrition, they take moisture from the air, which changes the temperature of the residence. Additionally, because different cactus species may coexist in the same pot, you can produce a stunning variety of vibrant plants.

Snake Plant

Snake Plant is the common name for indoor plant. It doesn’t even require a lot of watering; twice weekly should be sufficient.  They offer a touch of refinement to the space and are ideal for decorating homes and offices. Despite the fact that most people purchase snake plants for their beauty, they are also excellent oxygen regulators. Snake plants emit oxygen continuously, unlike most plants, which only do so during the day. This results in increased oxygen levels and better respiration.

Money plant

For your home, this evergreen creeper is a fantastic option. It looks wonderful indoors and out and may add color to any type of house decor. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have green fingertips. All it requires is a little watering every other day, indirect sunlight, and moderate to high humidity.

Peace Lily

The best bloom to keep in your room is this lovely plant. Peace lilies, which can withstand a wide range of temperatures and climatic conditions, can soften the atmosphere in your space. This indoor plant also purifies the air by obliterating toxins like acetone and benzene. It does not require a lot of sunlight. It is enough to water in the summer every two to three days, and every four to five days in the winter is sufficient.