Apart from your friends and family, let’s be honest here, who other than your fluffy buddy is your closest companion. Whether it’s a cat or a dog or even a hamster, it is very hard to resist their adorable face when they want to lounge with you on the couch or bed. But with those comfy cuddles comes one of the biggest baggage of owning a pet, which is pet fur.

Not to mention they are very curious by nature and love exploring new and unknown places. So you will be guaranteed to find their fur in every corner of your house within a day of their arrival. So to better improve your lifestyle and the interior of your house, here are some expert and convenient tips you should follow to keep the pet fur in your pet-loving house at a minimum level.

Groom your Pet
  • Grooming Them On a Regular Basis: This could seem like a tasking job, but won’t it be easier to control the amount of mess it’ll form later. Pet fur< unlike human hair stops growing after some time and sheds to make room for the coat of fur. So, it’ll be helpful to groom your pets regularly. Maybe once a week give them a bath and brush them to remove any loose hair before it ends up on your couch. Or worse, your mouth.
  • Start From Top To Bottom: Fur is very lightweight compared to human hair and can be airborne when agitated. And when you start cleaning from a higher shelf or furniture in your house the fur may move and fall on the lower surface or floor. So, It will be wise to start cleaning from a higher level and work your way down to get it all out.
  • Vacuum Trick: We don’t always have the time and energy to vacuum our house slowly or multiple times. But you can never get all the fur out at once. a trick is if you add one spoon of fabric softener with water in a spray bottle and spritz it over your carpet and couch and leave it for 5 minutes. It’ll become easier to suck out the furs that are on the surface and visible.
  • DIY Lint Roller: Lint rollers are very effective at pulling out tiny particles that are even unseen by the naked eye. But their refill sheets are really expensive and not available everywhere. Try Rolling a wrapping tape over a cylindrical surface with the sticky side out. And there you have it. Your own DIY lint roller.
  • Dry Sponge: For couches or soft furniture, Go over them with a dry dishwashing sponge and watch most of the fur get scraped off with it.
pet fur with rubber gloves
  • Rubber Gloves: Another Dishwashing equipment that can be used for getting rid of fur from your furniture is rubber gloves. Just instead of washing dishes, rub your hands over your couch. This will create friction and pull out fur from the couch and stick to the gloves.
  • Washing The Fabrics: It will work best to wash your linens or cushion and couch cover with water of 60-70 degrees in temperature to help the fur get loosened up and fall into the bucket. Remember to clean the fur off the bucket before the next wash.

We hope these tips will help you keep those stubborn pet hairs off your beautiful furniture and elevate the aesthetics of your home. So you don’t have to be embarrassed in front of your guests. Take it as advice from one pet owner to another.