Fashion design is an art medium that a designer uses to make a dress attractive with its own perfect touch. The designer also identifies patience and creativity in his or her made or designed clothes.

So if you are thinking of taking on the challenge of doing something creative and innovative, this career is for you. It will help you to further contribute to the garment industry in the global market with your creativity and concentration.

By Look Studio

A stable working place like this will also increase the income of the country’s export industry. And you will be an established one too.

Fashion designing is known as a popular profession. Meanwhile, Bangladesh is among the tops of the global market in the garment industry. The creation of thousands of garments, living houses, fashion houses, and boutique houses across the country is creating a growing demand for skilled people.

And the garment industry, the living house, the fashion houses are all the more essential to have fashion designers. So, as soon as the students of the garment industry passed their degrees in fashion design and apparel marching, they got a job.

According to the research, In Bangladesh, fashion designers have a job market with a variety of options. You will have many possibilities for your work in the textile industry, garment industry, living house, boutique house, or big domestic and foreign clothing brand houses in the country.

You can also mark your position as a university professor if you have high knowledge and experience on your subject.

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