The heat outside is unbearable and it can easily burn your skin. Nowadays everyone uses sunscreen to protect their skin however, at times even sunscreen isn’t enough to tackle the heat. Therefore, these home remedies can help you treat your burn better. 

Take frequent cold showers

 As soon as you exit the shower or bathtub, gently pat yourself dry while still leaving some water on your skin. Apply a moisturizer after that to assist your skin in retaining moisture. This might lessen the dryness.

Use aloe vera gel

It can help in soothing your skin. If you want to avoid extra chemicals you can use natural aloe vera. You can also use aloe vera ice cubes that you can make at home and use when needed. This is one of the most effective ways of getting rid of sunburn. 

Have dairy products

Dairy products have been popular when it comes to any kind of skincare. It is because they are really useful for your skin. If you are facing sunburn cold dairy products can help in restricting blood vessels. This helps in reducing swelling or any kind of redness. You can either soak a towel in cold milk and gently tab on your burn. You can also take plain curd and put it on your skin. 

Drink plenty of water

A sunburn causes fluid to move from the rest of the body to the skin’s surface. When you have a sunburn, drinking more water can help you stay hydrated.