We are currently living in the most technologically advanced generation of all time. Therefore, from a young age, children are exposed to different types of gadgets. Most of them are seen to be glued to their screens all day. Doctors have addressed this situation as harmful for their future development. So, here’s a few ways you can keep your little ones engaged to limit their screen time.


Crafting has been a great pass time activity for children. It really helps them explore their creative side and keeps them busy. Crafting has been proven to be a great way of keeping children focused. Also, they can easily experiment with things that are usually lying around in the house.


You don’t need to turn your kids into talented musicians right away. Start them off with easy-to-play kid-friendly sized instruments that they’ll actually enjoy playing. Ukulele or mini-sized keyboards can be a great way to start off. You help them learn their favorite rhymes in those and can sing along when they are playing. 


Children love getting their hands dirty, don’t they? And there isn’t a better opportunity for them to do that than this. Even if you don’t have a big garden space in your background don’t worry. You can start small with little plants. Create a space for them to do gardening and connect with nature without worrying about the mess. 


They say today’s readers are tomorrow’s leaders. Introducing your kids to reading material can really help them become enlightened individuals in the future. So, start them off with interesting fictional stories that they enjoy. 3D story books or known as graphic novels are popular among kids nowadays. You can try and see if they enjoy the experience.


If you roam around social media nowadays you’ll come across many young chefs and their channels. Real or not that’s a great hack to keeping your kids entertained. They can play their parts as mini sous chefs or little helping hands around the kitchen.

Board games-

Millennials have spent their entire childhoods with board games. Why not make it a comeback? There variety of board games available in the market today for you to choose from. You can buy according to the tv shows or games they like. Or buy them according to different themes as well.

House-hold chores-

Involving kids in household chores should be something all parents should do. It will help them take time off from the screens and be active around the house. Children who are used to help around the house tend to grow up as more responsible individuals. You can ask them to make their own beds or ask them to arrange their own tables etc. Little habits like these will go a long way. 

These are just some of our suggestions for parents of this generation. You can start with a few of these to keep them off gadgets for at least a few hours. You might never be able to get them off completely. However, adding more activities can help them limit their screen time a little.