Dressing up according to any particular season could be very tasking, however, not impossible. Monsoon can be a very tricky season to be trendy and fashionable, yet practical and comfortable at the same time. You have to make sure your outfit along with your hair and makeup can also handle the weather. Here are some styling tips for monsoon season that will help guide your way to do just that without losing your own sense of style.

Tips for women:

  • Rompers, capris pants, jumpsuits, midi skirts, harem, palazzo, etc. that are above the ankle.
  •  In the case of kameez, try the ones with bright tops and dark bottoms.
  • Accessorize with a stylish scarf with a popping color or a cardigan with vivid contrasting patterns.
  • Make sure to carry a water-resistant bag.

Pair with a beaded necklace with quirky bracelets, rings, and earrings.

Tips for men:

  • Reach for Bermuda or capris for an informal look with bright t-shirts or shirts.
  • Avoid long trousers and constricted pants if possible.
  • For formal attire avoid tight pants.
  • Accessorize with a waterproof watch and wallet.

Some Unisexual Tips:

  • Pair bright colored tops like blue, yellow, orange, neon with dark bottoms.
  • Lean towards cotton or breathable fabrics and steer clear of synthetics.
  • Avoid black or dark colors for raincoats and umbrellas to stand out.
  • Opt for plastic or rubber sandals and flip-flops, leather ankle boots, or below knee rubber boots.

Standing out while blending in with the trend is what everyone strives for, so instead of sulking indoors, try our tips in styling yourself with trendy outfits for the Monsoon season and make an impressive impact on people around you.

Remember, no trend can define your own sense of style, so keep experimenting until you find what you are most comfortable with and just have fun.