Properly done nails are what tie our entire look together. Even if you didn’t accessorize having nicely done nails will complete your overall looks. So, here are some of the most popular nail styles for you to try this summer. 

Round-shaped nails:

The easiest shape to maintain is definitely this one. This nail shape is generally best if you want something low maintenance but still want your nails to appear nice. This is also a fairly simple process.

Shape them squarely at first, then let the tips of your fingers naturally curve. For people who have trouble growing their nails out, this is a perfect style.

Oval-shaped nails:

This shape is thought to be more conventional. In the late 1900s and the early 2000s, it was quite well-liked. Your nails seem incredibly classy with this nail shape. File around the sides to create an egg-like shape for this nail shape. Given that it makes the fingers appear longer, it is excellent for people with short fingers.

Almond-shaped nails:

With the exception of having a somewhat sharper top, this one resembles the oval shape quite much. It has a broad base and is thin on the sides. Actually, it resembles a genuine almond in look. Find the middle of the nail’s tip and shape both sides such that it forms a peak there to achieve this. After that, smooth it out to remove any rough edges.

Stiletto-shaped nails:

To pull this off, you must have guts. Although it’s uncommon, celebrities like Rihanna frequently adopt this appearance. Your nails will appear long and slim with this nail form. Find a center point and begin filing from either side to meet it, much like with almond-shaped nails. It is advised to use acrylic or gel nails for this nail style because it may cause the nails to fall off easily.