It’s the time of the year again when we dress up in beautiful sarees and go mandap hopping with friends. One of the most festive times of the year is finally here! Yes, you have guessed it right it’s Durga Puja season. A time to bring out our A-game in terms of style roam around the city and eat our hearts out! 

The style for Durga Puja is pretty straightforward. Of course, there are variations every year but you know there are some quintessential puja things that you cannot go wrong with. For instance, the classic red and white saree, smoky eyes, and red lip will get you covered. 

Get your Sharee on!

Puja and Sharees are a match made in heaven. So, the sharee you were saving or waiting for an occasion to wear, bring it out now! There won’t be a better sharee occasion than 

Chunky Silver Jewelry

For the last couple of years people have been hyping silver jewelry. You can see the chunky antique-looking jewelry style everywhere. If you want your puja look to stand out silver jewelry is just the way to do it. 

Go bold with makeup

Puja is all about vibrant colors. So this is the best time for that experimental eye makeup that you were dying to do. Or that bold red lip you wanted to try. If you don’t like experimenting than a little bit of kajol and a bold red lip will be perfect for puja.