A full-fledged art gallery on a moving tram! The West Bengal State Transport Corporation of India is launching an art gallery inside an air-conditioned tram decorated with several hand-painted pictures.

Those special Trams can be rented by painters and art college students for the exhibition. And this system is being introduced from December this year.

According to the West Bengal State Transport Corporation, the tram of the tram esplanade will be parked at the adjacent tire park. The Tram will go to Shyambazar in North Kolkata and Gariahat in the south according to the wishes of the artist who will be hired.

While staying near the Tire Park on the Esplanade or during the exhibition, visitors will have the opportunity to visit the gallery for just Tk.

The rent for one day will be Rs 3,800, for two days it will be Rs 6,000 and for three days it will be Rs 8,000.

If it is rented for more days, it will cost eight thousand rupees and one and a half thousand rupees per day. Students will get a 50 percent discount and will have to show their illustrated identity card.

On the days when there will be no exhibition, the Tram will run from Gariahat to Shyambazar. At that time various pictures and writings related to the old day’s trams of Kolkata will be arranged in trams.

Rajanbir Singh Kapoor, managing director of the state transport department, said the project would help raise public interest in the new system of trams as well as promote Kolkata as a city of culture.