New campaigns and public relations always create a relationship between buyers and organizations. Especially in a pandemic situation like coronavirus, such thinking is reasonable to strengthen communication with customers. Therefore, any business or organization always wants to keep customers engaged with them by throwing innovation events or campaign ideas. 


And such thought brings ÉLAN BY UTSHOB to arrange a great and successful event. The largest USA based cosmetics and lifestyle retailer in Bangladesh has recently organized a successful makeup contest for its customers. Today we are going to have a summary of the event. 


The month-long arrangement By Élan  was quite a successful one. The contest titled The Face of Élan by Utshob began on June 1. It was undoubtedly a great and innovative initiative by the Utshob Group’s concern Elan.


The authorities of Élan said that they received a great response from the event. Despite the latest situation and face of the business in the Coronavirus context, the event has been a great help to encourage and boost a large number of Élan’s customers. They not only participated in a number but also dragged their friends and family members to get a touch of it.


We came to know that more than 350 contestants have reportedly participated in the makeup contest. And thousands of supporters are there to participate and face this event indirectly. 


From the very beginning, Élan gives some rules and regulations to make the contest even more competitive and attractive. The participants and members of the Élan Facebook page were notified of these rules before the competition began. As a result, participants also make up their minds and participate in the contest with great enthusiasm and excitement. 


A contestant will have to send a photo with makeup to The Inbox of Élan’s Facebook page. The detailed rules of the competition were like below: 


1) Send a picture of the makeover to Élan FB page inbox

2) Élan authority then upload contestant picture with contest frame in their FB page

3) Contestant have to share this post on her timeline from Élan page (must set privacy to the public)

4) The contestant also have to use both the hashtags #thefaceofelan #elanbyutshob as well

5) Also, post her contest picture in the Élan group and have to add at least 3 female members in the group. ( Group Link: ​​)

6) The contestant then has to mention 3 female friends in this post

7) They also have to like and follow Élan by Utshob ( Page Link: ​​


The contest, which begins on June 1, is reported to be ending on June 30. Authority addresses that the opinion of the respected judges will select the winner of the contest. At the same time, the highest likes, shares, and comments of the contestant will also be in consideration.