Tribeha is a showcase shopping place for traditional outfits & jewelry. They deal with the ethnic yet attractive fashion essential to make one’s taste of fashion more beautiful. In this post Eid season, they are bringing such items for their customers. 


To know more about Tribeha we see that it’s a unique name for your needs and luxuries. Since the beginning of its journey, Tribeha has wanted to keep all the tastes of your choice within your reach and do something incomparable with it.


It brings your favorite items and clothing at your fingertips. At the same time the unique features of its products have taken each other to new heights. There is no comparison in terms of creative and attractive standards.

credit: Tribeha Facebook page

Tribeha works with hand-painted sarees, kameez, hijab, tip, and jewelry besides native cloth. Plain saris or customized hand-painted sarees are also available at very nominal prices in Tribeha. Their own artists paint all of their paintings. So they are different and unique from any other wearable art.


To know more about Tribeha, you can follow them on Facebook or knock them on the below-mentioned number. 


Tribeha Address & Phone Number: 

Call 01537-173715                                                                                                                                                                        Instagram – tribeha209                                                                                                                                                              Facebook page –