We all have an interest in Kendall Jenner, Kylie Kardashian’s fashion lifestyle. Millions of likes and shares they get on each of their posts on Instagram. But many may not know that behind their glorious life lies the story of the suffering of thousands of people.

By Sk Hasan Ali, By Tinseltown

In particular, during this Corona period, where the whole world is going through a difficult time, the garment industry has also been affected. It is learned that Global Brands Group, a clothing manufacturer of Kylie and Jenner, stopped paying bills to their garment manufacturers in February and March. And so the garment makers and their workers in several countries of the world are starving.

The CEO of Global Brands Group said in a statement that due to the unexpected Corona situation, the orders of our retail partners have been canceled, and no sales process of the existing inventory and production product is possible. As a result, we have no choice but to cancel all S / S 2020 orders from all suppliers (without liability).

COVID-19 has hit minorities the hardest. With regards to form, brands and retailers have as once huge mob dropped delivered and underway requests dating as far back as February, bringing out the power Majeure contract statement to leave them without any penalty and with no risk to providers. Accordingly, processing plants are confronting an extreme liquidity smash.

In Bangladesh, a garment worker expressed his sufferings. She said that at the industrial entryway, authority advised us to leave. At the point when they instructed us to [go back home], I just had six dollars left on me. In Sri Lanka, one of the ladies caught in a garments zone anticipating installment and she was taking care of her infant’s by feeding tea rather than milk and scrounging for fruits. Comparable stories are ascending across Cambodia, Pakistan, Haiti to El Salvador.

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