It is a good idea for all the ladies to use lipstick according to the color of their skin. Here we will talk about a few skin types and suggest lipstick accordingly.

lipstick according to the color of skin
Close up portrait of attractive girl rouging her lips. She is holding red lipstick. Her mouth is gently open. Isolated on grey background By Olena Yakobchuk

Cool Colors: Select those lipstick types of red, pink, or blue for those who possess cool colors. Look for silver jewelry to verify the cool look of the skin. If it looks better than golden jewelry, or if the arterial color of the hand’s wrist looks blue, then you should understand that you have cool tones.


Warm tones: If the golden jewelry fits you and the color of the artery turns green then you are entitled to this tone. You can choose warm colors such as red, orange, or red. Bright colors suit this type of skin. So, you can use any bright colors easily.


Natural Colors: Those who are adorned with silver and gold both two-color jewelry; can use lipstick of any color freely. However, the lipstick in the ‘Wine’ shade looks great for them.


Adjustable lipstick: It is nice to see the use of lipstick according to your skin color. If you have bright skin color then you can use darkest lipsticks. If you have olive or golden colors then you may use the brightest color lipstick. And if the color of the skin is a mid-dark, you can use berry and dark lipstick.


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