Do you ever try to take makeup off without remover? Is it easy taking makeup off without remover? Perhaps you need to know a few of the tricks here. It’s EASY and you can even do it at home! Yes, Let’s try.

There are several techniques for taking makeup off without remover. Few easy-to-use makeup techniques are highlighted here for you.


Oil: Oil can be used instead of a remover to lift makeup. Coconut oil or olive oil helps you to lift eye makeup. Take a few drops of oil on the cotton pad and rub it gently and lift the eye and lip makeup.


Petroleum Jelly: Another easy way to lift makeup is by using petroleum jelly. It helps to soak up makeup and helps to easily lift makeup around the eyes.


Moisturizer: If you do not have oil or petroleum jelly on hand, you can use daily cream to make makeup. Creams like oils or jellies also help to lift makeup without any discomfort.


Baby Oil: This oil is also used to lift makeup. Take a few drops of baby oil on a cotton ball or pad and remove the makeup.


After removing makeup with oil cream or petroleum jelly, you should wash your face and your mouth should be thoroughly cleaned by the cleanser.


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