Everyone in this world needs a good friend whom they can rely on during their hard times. Even an introverted person needs someone they can trust with their deepest thoughts and worries. But building a strong friendship with them can take up a lot of your time and effort. However, with the following suggestions and patience, you too can be a great friend to an introvert.

Photo by Sam Manns on Unsplash

Respect Their Personal Space: Introverts often get overwhelmed with last-minute changes to plans. Like popping up on their doorstep unannounced or bringing along extra company on your meet-ups. They need time to prepare themselves mentally for any kind of gathering.

Don’t Interrupt Them: For people like this, sharing their thoughts with someone can be very daunting. they need to put a lot of thought into how they would like to express themselves. So, try not to interrupt them as they speak or there’s no need to fill in the silent gaps either.

Understand Their Silence: Most of the time Introverts like to be in their personal bubble. Even in social gatherings, they tend to be quiet and process their thoughts and feelings. Sometimes they completely zone out. Don’t misunderstand this silence as them being upset or rude.

Understand When They Say “NO” To a Meet-up: Sometimes they might feel too overwhelmed and feel the need for some personal time. Then they might decline invitations to go out altogether. Try not to take it personally.

Open Up to Them First: Intense people like this are not interested in water-cooler conversations. They get more engaged in deep and meaningful discussions. So, try to open up to them about your true feelings and show them that you trust them.

Encourage Them But Don’t Force Them To Open-up: Initiating a conversation and sometimes asking questions is fine. It’s a gateway to a future open conversation. But knowing when to ease off is also important. When they say don’t want to talk, respect that and back off.

Don’t Make Fun Of Their Introversion: Putting them on the spot and making fun of their introversion in front of a gathering of people is the last straw. This behavior will not only jeopardize your friendship but also will stop you from making a new one in the future.

Let Them Know Why They Are special to you: When you remind your friend who’s an introvert of the qualities you love about them, it makes them happy. It boosts their self-confidence and helps them to become more expressive.

Learn The Meaning Of Compromise: You’re probably someone who’s very outgoing and loves to mingle with new people all the time. But You DOn’t always have to put your friends in awkward situations. Try to compromise and maybe spend some one-on-one quality time inside.

An introvert can be the best friend or soul mate that you have been looking for. They are great listeners and you can have very deep and intense conversations with them. Yes, it does take time to earn their trust. However, when you do they will try everything to not let you down.