Cristiano Ronaldo, a name that needs no prior introduction. He’s considered the greatest footballer of all time. Very few athletics of the past were close to his records.

Even at the age of 36, the legend is still among the fittest players of all time. It isn’t only his talent that got him this far it was also his hard work and dedication. His dedication to nutrition and fitness is unlike any other. So, take a look at his daily routine with us to know what makes him the best.

What does he do in a day?

He has to get up very early in the morning for his training session at 6 am. After that, he has a 90 minutes nap followed by breakfast. Then he hits the gym for his daily workout session which is again followed by another nap. Ronaldo has two schedules for lunch, he refrains from having heavy meals rather than spreads them into two meals. He gets to spend quality time with his friends and family after he has had dinner at sharp 7 am. It does not end just there, he even swims on a daily basis before going to bed. 


Training is something he is still very dedicated to. Even in this stage of his career he still maintains a proper training routine. Not only that he manages to follow that five days a week. He even makes sure that he works out 2 to 4 hours daily. If that isn’t disciplined I don’t know what is. 

What’s on his diet plan?

Ronaldo is one of those people who is a believer in consuming food that has the best nutritional value. His diet plan for the day is a reflection of that. The day starts with ham, cheese, yogurt, and fruit juice. Followed by his two lunches one with chicken and salad and on the other one, he usually has tuna, salad, eggs, and olives. He ends the day with protein which is either meat or fish. All the ingredients on his diet plan sound extremely healthy. You might notice how he doesn’t intake any sugar or has food that has extra sugar added to it. Sounds like a full-proof plan for fitness.