The summer is on full swing. You step out and discover the sun is hitting straight into your skin. As if you are being burned from inside! Then how to manage in this hot sweaty weather? Well, the smart idea is to keep yourself cool. Keeping body cool and dehydrated helps to survive in hot summer. More than external relief, our body needs internal relief too! So, cooling drinks are the ultimate solution. Here are 5 summer drinks to keep your body cool. These are easy nutritional drinks with natural cooling properties.
Chilled Buttermilk


Along with nutrients, it’s good to keep body cool. It also helps to reduces acidity and fight constipation. A glass of buttermilk after meals helps in improving digestion and prevents acidity.
Bottle Gourd Juice

Bottle Gourd Juice

Centuries ago, bottle gourds used to be used as water bottles, as it could keep the water cool for longer. Bottle gourds juice boosts the body health with its cooling properties and helps in bloating. You can add some lemon juice to make it more refreshing.
Cucumber Juice keeps body cool


Fresh cucumber contains almost 95% water. So, in summer cucumber juice is one of the available healthiest drinks to prevent body heat. This life changing drink is rich in antioxidants, so keep drinking this on a regular basis.
Coconut Water is the prefect summer drinks

Coconut water

Another common and easy to get summer drink is coconut water. It’s refreshing and a natural coolant. To fight the summer heat and reduces body heat we ca also choose chilled coconut water daily.
Mint Lemonade for summer

Mint lemonade

Our next is mint lemonade. This drink is healthy and refreshing. Fresh mint leaves give the perfect twist to cool down body temperature. And make you go relaxed.

So, no more suffering, have these chilled drinks to keep you cool and make your mood go swing.