There is no alternative of exercise for good health. We need to keep our body active and burn extra calories to avoid any health hazards. But more than anything else, it helps to recover fast after Corona. Most people experience weakness after testing negative. This is a perfect time to do some yoga that will regain strength and boost your energy level. You should try these 3 yoga asana to regain strength after surviving COVID.


This pose brings support and balance to the body’s internal organs. Especially improve digestive organs’ functionality. So, it strengthens the muscles and increases stamina. You can start exercising this asana one week after recovering from COVID. But avoid if any serious injury to the wrist or back.
Dandasana to regain strength 


Sit at 90° position. Place the arms along the body and palms on the floor. Firm the thigh muscles and flex your feet. Now inhale and exhale slowly. Stay in this position for five deep breaths.


Adho Mukha Svanasana

This asana can energize you physically and mentally. By increasing the blood flow to the brain and eliminates fatigue and tiredness. Start performing when feel stable like no shivering or dizziness.
Adho Mukha Svanasana for energy


When breathe in lift the hips, straighten the knees and elbows. Hands and legs should be parallel to each other. Then take in deep breaths and then exhale. Now hold the position for one minute.

Upavistha Konasana

This yoga asana brings firmness in the body, steadiness to the mind. Also, better the blood circulation to the body. So, by calming the nervous system it helps to regain strength. Performing this after six hours of meal.
Upavistha Konasana for steadiness

Method: Start bringing the body at the 90° position. Extend your legs slowly and bring your palms to the floor. No worries, blend as such as you can. Take slow breaths after each stretch and exhale. Hold this position for one minute.

All these 3 yoga asana to regain strength are easy to perform but still consider your health status. If you feel hard to stand or hold your position due to excessive weakness then wait for more few days to get stability. Once you start doing these regular or twice a week, soon you’ll be able to boost your energy back.