Acne is a problem most of us faced at least once in our lives. The pollution in our environment and our food habits can be the root causes of acne. Most of the times dermatologists ask us to have a cleaner diet in order to get healthier looking skin. So, these are some of the food you can avoid or have less in your everyday diet plan. 

Refined grains and sugar

In a study with 64 participants who had moderate to severe acne, more carbs were consumed by the persons who had acne. Additionally, the insulin-like growth factor-1 (a hormone that raises sebum production, which typically peaks during adolescence) levels in these acne-prone participants were high. Another study discovered that adolescents who consume sugar frequently may develop acne.

Dairy Products 

Acne and consumption of whole and skimmed milk were found to be positively correlated in a study looking at the high school diet of 47,355 women. Other dairy products, such as cream cheese and cottage cheese, were also reported to aggravate acne.

Junk food

According to a study examining the frequency of acne among teenagers, individuals who had the condition did not practice a healthy diet. The researchers came to the conclusion that eating junk food frequently, such as fatty foods, burgers, sausages, cakes, and sugar, can raise the risk of acne or make it worse.

Caffeine and Alchohol 

A study suggests that coffee decreases insulin sensitivity. This means that after consuming coffee, your blood sugar levels remain elevated for a longer amount of time than usual. Your acne may become more inflammatory as a result of this.

Fried food

Burgers, fries, potato chips, and other fried and processed foods can all contribute to acne. These also consist of additional foods with a high glycemic index that spike blood sugar levels quickly and lead to inflammatory diseases like acne.

Energy drinks 

High sugar content in energy drinks might cause blood sugar levels to rise. Consumption of sugar from soft drinks was found to enhance the risk of acne in one study. Acne risk is increased by any sugary beverage. Therefore, refrain from consuming large quantities of sweetened soft drinks and energy drinks.