We can easily notice when a person has been physically abused and we as a society take it very seriously. But how come we don’t often show the same level of compassion for people suffering from emotional abuse? Emotional trauma can be much more scarring than a physical one in some cases. However, we don’t always talk about them. It can even become confusing for the victim to fathom that they are actually in an abusive relationship. So, if you want to educate yourself on the subject matter and get a guide through the various signs of such abuse in a relationship then keep on reading.

Controlling Issues: The people who are abusers of such kind will try to dictate how you will lead every aspect of your life. So much so that after a certain amount of time you will feel like you need their permission to do even the most benign activities. They will start keeping tabs on your every movement to the point of stalking.

Isolates the Victim: At the beginning of the relationship, people do look for some alone time, and that’s natural. However when your partner constantly asks for more and more of it. They are basically pulling you away from your social group. But through this, they’re leaving you without a support group. People you can lean on or tell you when somethings seem off will no longer have access to you.

Territorial: These types of abusers want your life to only revolve around them. You better start your day with them and end with them. In any situation consider their feelings and reactions first. Give priority to only them. But sometimes even that isn’t enough. They can’t tolerate you having a social life of group apart from him.

Earned Affection: Emotional abusers just love to pull at your heartstrings all the time. Whether it’s by making your heart flutter with joy with their over-the-top love gestures or by hanging you to dry and withholding all kinds of affection. These people give out affection like it’s a prize you have to earn. Something you must work for and behave the way they want you to.

Preemptive Forgiveness: The emotional abusers will sometimes pretend to forgive you before the end of an argument for 2 reasons. One, To shut you up because you were making good points. And two, They want you to believe that you were the one in the wrong this time.

emotional abuse insecurities

Amplify Your Insecurities: They will try to make you feel less confident about your appearance or intellectual in order to get an upper hand in the relationship. They will make you feel grateful for having them and that without them you have no other option.

emotional abuse humiliation

Public Humiliation: When someone talks down to you in front of others, belittles you, points out your flaws, It’s a form of emotional abuse. In such instances, the abusers get some sort of inner joy at insulting you in public and making you feel worthless.

These are the basic signs of emotional abuse in any relationship. You should look out for them in your own or your loved ones’ relations so that you can be aware of what you got yourself into, or alert others on the same. This type of abuse leaves people mentally crippled and no one should fall victim to this.