Healthy vision is a crucial part of kids’ development. But the increasing number of children’s weak eyesight is alarming for parents. We know technology has a big role to make this damage to our children. Along with making life simple, inventions have affected child’s vision too. Young children and adolescents are more prone to this problem. But it can be also avoided or cured by timely precautions and measures. If not starting quick then child’s low vision can be a major problem for his future? Read this article and know about some common reasons, symptoms of vision problem.

Reasons for weak eye sight

For a child some main reasons of low vision probably would be watching tv, table or phone for long time, watching screen from close distance, inherited disorder, brain injury, optic nerve abnormalities, pediatric glaucoma and more.,astigmatism%20resulting%20in%20blurry%20vision.
Watching TV for long cause low vision

Signs of vision problem

When have a low vision kids might face difficulty recognizing a familiar face, reading, seeing objects.  Even printed material would look broken. Color and contrast discrimination may also be occurred. Before these problems appear, we need to identify the signs that can be from eyesight issue. Carefully observe whether your child is-

  • constantly rubbing eyes
  • extremely light sensitivity
  • poor at focusing
  • poor at following an object
  • having abnormal movement of the eyes
  • facing chronic redness and tearing of the eyes,astigmatism%20resulting%20in%20blurry%20vision.
Watching Phone closely cause vision problem

Food for healthy eyesight

If you find the reason behind causing your child eyesight problem to be regular or normal then you can start to treat it naturally. By saying natural I meant to adopt a lifestyle which ensure balanced diet. The natural ways can child’s eyesight healthy. Some common suggested foods are-

  • Leafy Vegetables
  • Colorful Vegetables
  • Nuts and Seeds
  • Fish Oil
  • Whole Grains
  • Fruits and
  • Eggs

Eye exercise 

Apart from healthy eating you should ask your kid to do these exercises on daily basis. Exercise helps to relieves strain on the focusing muscle and on the muscles that control eye alignment. Ask your kid to look up-down, zigzag and roll everyday. Each segment should be done 10 times daily. Blink is another exercise that you can try. Tie a ball to a string and swing it like a pendulum. Now ask him to track the movement without moving his head. All these will relax the muscle and reduce the pressure to avoid child’s low vision problem in future.