We all know how much important fashion is. It not only makes us trendy and stylish, but also enhance our personality. Thus, your fashion sense needs to compliment your style and comfort. How? Well, I am here with amazing fashion tips that ensure you look always stylish. So, gain confidence with fashion advice and make your every look stylish.

Style with color

First, make sure you have all the basics collections. It can be long black dress, a white kurta, a pair of jeans, a classic sari, simple T-shirts, a simple Panjabi, nice fitted shirt, button-downs in neutral colors, a jacket. If you have all kind of trendy options then you can mix-and-match well regularly.

One most important trick to look fashionable is to know your size. Wearing perfect size gives you confidence. So, it’s time to hire a good tailor. Tailored clothing not only looks polished, but it also feels more comfortable.

Balance proportions. This means styling outfits to create aesthetic harmony. You can wear your upper piece a bit loose keeping the rest fitted. With such combination you achieve a balance of shapes, style. For example, pair a tight crop top with wide-leg jeans, or long loose kamiz with tight leggings.

Combine with fashion

Develop your personal style. Finding a signature style of your own, decide a pattern of fashion. Then you keep trying experimenting with the specific signature style. Because you never know what amazing looks waiting for you until you try.

Learn to shop better. Shopping for exactly what you need, helps to avoid filling the closet full of items you will never try. When your wardrobe has all perfect pieces suits your personality and style, then it became easier to explore.

Add an extra. Adding a belt, tassel, lace make any outfit look more put-together. It’s a great trick for beginners to style.

Play with color. Don’t be nervous adding color to your look. Star with one colorful piece, then keep the rest in neutral. As you get more comfortable with colors, start combining with more. For better idea take help of color wheel.

Mix patterns and textures. Clashing textures and prints make a bold fashion statement. For a start take patterns like stripes and textures like leather. Add sequins like a scarf, tie, or clutch will works for you.

Now you know the tricks to look always stylish. Apply these fashion advice while dressing up everyday and rock your look.