Undoubtedly parenting is a difficult job. Being a parent, we are always trying our best to raise a child. Since, there is no certain set of instructions of proper parenting, mostly we rely on our ‘parenting instincts’. So, we are bound to make mistakes. Making mistakes is ok. But the consequence might get serious if we don’t learn from our mistakes. Learning to overcome parenting mistakes will get you a long way towards effective parenting. Let’s know about 5 common parenting mistakes to affect kid’s mental strength. We’ll also try to figure out to avoid those.


We all want our kids to be happy. Which doesn’t mean that you’ll fight his battle. This happens mainly when your kid does a mistake and you start protecting him. Your overprotection is just making him avoid dealing challenges. It’s bad for his mental growth for dealing with things. So, let him face the problem, get a solution by himself. If he is wrong then teach him to realize it and apologize.

Parenting Mistake

Unrealistic Expectations  

Every child has its own way of growing up. As a parent, your duty is to guide him. But before that you have to understand that he won’t be as perfect as you. Pushing him too hard for everything can cause him low self-esteem. So, if your kid doesn’t achieve excellence, encourage him to try harder. Teach the valuable life lessons of never giving up.

Avoiding Kid’s Felling

Teach you kid that it’s healthy to express his emotions. Discounting his emotions can create serious anxiety and distrustful of his own emotions. So, stop saying words like “only babies cry”, “it’s not that serious”, “crying is bad”, “boys don’t get hurt”. Instead, if he complains then say “I understand your pain”. Also ask him what can make him feel better.



This is a mistake that most of us tend to do. Although we must make our children accountable but there are far more effective ways of achieving than punishing. Research shows, children who are regularly punished, only comply parent’s instructions out of fear. Punishment damages the connection with parents. Also make them resentful towards parents and aggressive.


Set a rule of instructions, so that your kids have a clear vision of what to do and what not. If the mother is saying yes to something but the father is forbidding the same thing, then you are making the child confused. Also try to be consistent with your instruction. One time you are so strict, another the ignoring the same mistakes that your kids is making. It doesn’t work. To make him obedient and trust your decisions, you have to have specific reactions. Don’t make that depend on your mood.

Above of all, parents-kids relation is a bonding of life. All it matters how much love, care and trust you have for each other. To achieve if you have to follow a different path, then surely do. But don’t let any rules or mistakes take over the warmness of this relation.