Even though the world was waiting to see what this talked about doc-series might reveal, all it did was disappointed most of us. Through Netflix, all of us tuned into it but realized it brought nothing new to the table. By the first few episodes, you see this has nothing we already didn’t know about and got to a point where it simply seemed petty. 

Megan and Harry begin by telling their story and they start with what dating the Prince was like and the challenges that come with it. Soon the focus of the story shifted to the brutal media they faced and how as a member of the royal family they had to give in to it. 

They speak a great deal about media abuse, invasion of their privacy, media destroying their late mother Diana, and the importance of them having “privacy.” They both explain that one of the defying factors for them leaving their roles was to have a peaceful, private life away from the media attention, and here we are getting a closer look into everything about their life.

The couple’s quest for hiding away from media attention ended up asking for it. The series didn’t deliver in terms of what the audience was hoping to see. It was almost like an attack on their family and this seems to be a sort of vengeance.