It was obvious that the viral moment would turn into more when we first saw Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling from Greta Gerwig’s much-awaited Barbie movie. Despite the movie’s July 2023 release date, #Barbiecore has amassed millions of views on TikTok, showing that Barbie fever has already set in.

Later all the famous designers were introducing this in their fall/winter collections. And of course, your favorite celebrities did not miss out in keeping up with it as well. The Barbiecore fashion has taken up the world by a frenzy and it’s time you embrace it too this fall. 

Layer with a cotton hot pink shirt

If you don’t want to go too overboard with this trend you can try the most basic. You can just get an oversized cotton shirt and layer it with your regular clothes like tees and jeans. A simple trick that works very well following up with the trend. 

Wear a pink corset

I think by this time you have noticed that corsets are back. And people have been incorporating them into the Barbiecore fashion as well. Baby pink or pastel pink corset with wide-legged pants is another favorite look for this fall. Be bold and try it out!

Pink wide-legged denim 

Wide-legged denim have been dominating the fashion world for some time now. And colorful denim is becoming popular now as well. So get yourself a pink denim and pair it with neutral colors to balance.