A perfect cat eye can be a tricky thing. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. So when you work on it, you have careful in every step. Today we will show you a few tricks to get a perfect cat eye every time.

cat eyeliner
By wavebreakmedia


Step 01: At the first step, you have to draw a thin line at the center of the lid.

Step 02: One of the hardest things about the cat eye is making the wing both sides of your eyes even. So little trick to do that is bold that lower lash sties. As the curbs of your lower lash sties curbs up, draw a dot at the outer corner of your eye.

Step 03: Now draw a line from the outer corner of your eye to connect the dot you draw. When you do this try to quint your pen or brush and also use your finger to rest on your face so that you can get a steady hand.

Step 04: Now connect the line you do on the center on your lid to do the dot and the outer corner.

Step 05: Once that you have that shape then you can go on and fill the wing.

Step 06: Now start to fill in at the inner corner of the eye. Once you get to the real inner corner then you can you the point of your brush or pen.

Step 07: This is the point, now you can thicken your cat eyeliner and really perfect the shape.

Step 08: Drag your pen or brush to extend the tip of the wing. The further you extend the wing the more dramatic the cat eye will be.


Once the full cat eye is completed, go back to the eyeliner and fill in any little spot to make sure its nice, dog and block.

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