2020 has gotten off to just about a prophetically catastrophic beginning. To start with, the Australian bushfires have definitely brought down air quality and raised up the demand for the anti-pollution medical masks. This week the spread out of Wuhan coronavirus has caused a searching demand of medical mask on Google and a few Vancouver drug stores are also selling out masks as revealed by Canadian Global News. A study analysis published by The American Lung Association revealed that 133.9 million individuals in the United States are wide open to unhealthy air.


With the tragic outcomes of environmental change and worldwide wellbeing plagues that is become an unmistakable reality. In such a time, one medicinal inventory organization has collaborated with a Berlin fashion group to rework on masks and working on to make it the next street-wear trend!

Damur, a Berlin-based fashion group worked together with CSD, a renowned medical supply agency from Taiwan to redesign the medical masks.

Shih-Shun Huang, Damur’s originator and designer, told that they want to organize the first-ever fashion show where models will put masks on the runway. They also want to utilize these thinking in craftsmanship establishments and spray painting. He also said that a large number of their work is design manifestations, yet additionally, they would like to give a social mark on urging individuals to think and leap forward existing systems.

Damur is as of now under Fashion Council Germany and the McKinsey experience studio. So, it’s nothing unexpected that the District Mayor of Neukölln, Martin Hikel, and other big cities will come to this show and adds more to this cause.


COO of CSD Mr. Jonathan Chang also included that Damur isn’t only a fashion brand, yet more significantly, every plan of them attempts to break generalizations in the public arena and even endeavors to reclassify these marks.  CSD values this purpose and wants to be profitable by this cause.