Relationships are challenging however, it’s an integral part of our lives. Every couple faces a lot of challenges once the sweet honeymoon phase is over. When you get struck by reality people start to lose interest in relationships hence burnouts happen. 

When do you know you are facing relationship burnout?

A burnout in a relationship is when you start feeling uninterested and exhausted by the relationship. You no longer feel the same level of enthusiasm you once used to have. When this happens often couples break up. Instead of thinking ending things is the only way out of this there are things one could try to fix it. 

Be clear on what you want 

There are times when your partner is unaware of your needs. When a person is unaware he/she won’t be able to act accordingly. Many couples avoid being clear on their wants and needs because they are afraid of what might happen. But when someone’s clear on their needs its usually easier for the partner to give you that.  

Find things together to do with each other

Having rituals you can do every day together is important. It can be a good bonding experience for couples. So, find chores or work around the house that you can do together and enjoy. It doesn’t necessarily need to be chores. You can think of entertainment as well like watching a show together. Or going out for a walk for a few minutes. 

Keep in touch(literally)

By keeping in touch I mean physically as well. Yes, to make a relationship alive, you need to know what’s going on in each other’s lives. You also need to assort time for the some alone time where you are at ease with each other as well. So hold them when you have the time, this keeps the spark alive in relationships. 

Appreciate each other

Most of the time just when the honeymoon phase is over you start getting comfortable with your partner. When this happens we take our partners for granted. The same things they usually did for us out of love are taken for granted and don’t receive the same level of appreciation. So, if your partner did something nice acknowledging will help. Appreciate their small milestones as well as big ones as well.