US pop star Katy Perry has changed over time. It was the time of 2011. Everything is made Katie will sing at the concert. Before getting on stage, he got a message. Posted by husband Russell Brand. Reading the message, she learned that Russell Brand no longer wanted to be with her. Then she closed his eyes, got up on the stage, sang, cried. The audience present there thought that this cry was part of the performance. But what is the life of artists and what is art, can it be distinguished?


Then Katy Perry made love with another musician, John Mayer. They got engaged. But this too not lasts long.  Katy’s heart broke again. Then actor Robert Pattinson came to her life and put the broken heart in pairs. One day, this ‘Twilight’ star becomes past to her life. Orlando Bloom, the star of the film ‘Troy’, wore a diamond ring at Katie’s Valentine’s Day party on February 23. Thus, they nurtured their three-year relationship a bit further. She is now with Orlando Bloom, the star of the film ‘Troy’. He gifted a diamond ring to Katy on last year’s Valentine’s Day Party. They are now stepping up their 3-year old relationship a bit further.


In an interview with Vogue magazine, Katy Perry said her plans for the new year. She said that her bucket list is filled with various dreams. She wants to study psychology and philosophy. And want to inspire people to do something good. The 35-year-old star said, “People have kept me in their eyes for more than 12 years. In this era, I have made many mistakes. At the end of the day, I am also a human being. And, therefore, I do not want to lose again in my battle of life.’’


While talking about her frustrating times, Katy had to consult with a psychiatrist. She would lock the door of the house all day and lay in bed. She said, ‘I’ve got therapy. I fought. And, at last, found a real man. Orlando is the blessing of my life. So, when are you getting married? Katy Perry didn’t say anything about it. However, she named the medicine of the disease! She has done many types of meditation to relieve her depression. And this is what gave Katy a new life.