After a long gap of lockdown, everyone is back to work. As the situation demands, masks have now become a constant in use. Therefore, the international fashion arena has already commenced researching masks. By the way, many have started to take the required touch with the hands of various experiments. 


Designs of LED lights are making hype in the market. Floral and printed masks are also getting noticed. 

Source: Lumen Couture/ Youtube

LED Light designs!

The Lumen Coteur institute threw the gown into the LED light. Now they’ve brought the Matrix Face Mask. It includes a low-key LED Matrix screen where you can use the app to provide or draw the desired voice input. Text can be written too. It includes batteries that have to be charged before they can be used. There are arrangements to keep them all open while cleaning.



The Boston Magazine of America published a photo of some of the masks. Interestingly, all these are designed by some local designers for a competition. Some of these are made up of needles, some of them are re-made by apple touch.


Masks for children

Los Angeles Magazine reports on some of the best products that children can use. Italian design house brings a few of these items to market with a variety of graphics, cartoons, and animal images. 


Printed Masks

World-renowned fashion house Johnny Waz e-marketed print masks. The health workers will get these items free of charge if they buy one. Fashion Firm La Superb picks up the design of animals and flowers in their items. 

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